17 February 2014

Made something for myself

Hi everyone

just popping in to show you a couple of things I have made for myself.  Didnt take long either.  I made this infinity scarf.

I went to my friend Chrissies on Wednesday afternoon and started it there, but unfortunately ran out of wool in the evening with just one row to go, so had to order some more wool to finish it off.  To make it more economical I ordered another 3 balls and then this afternoon I started a pair of fingerless gloves.

These were dead quick to make.  Only took about 45 minutes each.  Didnt think I could do them, but I did manage them in the end.  I unravelled most of the first one as it was a lot bigger than the second one as my tension wasnt quite right.

What do you think??  Best get off to bed now as I am up early in the morning as I have got a couple of cards to make before I have to go to work in the afternoon.

Elke XX


  1. Gorgeous Elke love them a lot - have a nice evening x

  2. I love the colours! Such fab wool. Those infinity scarves are so popular at the mo...you're bang on trend! The fingerless gloves will let you keep up with Facebook on your smart phone too. ;) xx


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