29 December 2013

Something else I made

As you know I did some craft fairs before Christmas and made some pictures to sell.  I didnt sell them but had 6 orders and have taken payment for them already as they will be custom makes.

These were very popular but I hadnt got the colours people wanted, so I now just need to go to Ikea to get more frames.  They were out of stock when my daughter in law went before Christmas but I have checked and they are back in stock so off to Ikea I go on Tuesday when I am off work and after I have met me friend Anne-Marie in Burton at Craft Central.  

I think I will get 10 frames as I have got 3 fairs booked between now and end of February so hopefully I will sell some more.

Elke XX


  1. I love this can I put my order in for one please.x

  2. I love it Elke can I order one please.x

    1. What colours would you like Chrissie??? I have got a grey/black and pink one made already. XX

  3. Lovely work Elke love it all u are very clever!!

  4. Just lovely u are very clever, I love your crafts


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