20 December 2013

I am sooooo chuffed

I have just won 'Blog of the Week' over at Crafting from the Heart. This has really made my week as I have been having a bit of a rough time with my knee and my depression and have not kept my blog up to date, but will do my best to make sure I get time on a regular basis to update it.  So here is my award:

Elke XX


  1. Congrats on this award... and glad that you are coming back to blogging.
    Research says that meditation is a good way to relieve depression as well as positive affirmations. Louise Hay is the Guru of affirmations and she can easily be found of You Tube and Google. She has fought many health issues bravely so what ever she says seems to have impact.

  2. Well done Elke, hope this has given you a nice boost, made you smile and you feel better :)

    Big Hugs, See you soon xx


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