19 February 2014

Some presents.....

..... for my special friend Emily.

I met Emily last year at a Stampin' Up training session in Peterborough.  We have become really good friends since then.  I told her that I had made myself an infinity scarf and she asked if I could make her one too.  So I got my knitting needles out for this one and made this for her.

She also asked me for some of my owls last year and I have finally had time do make them for her.  I do hope she likes them.

Right the boys need a quick walk, I will be back soon as I have got some other things in the 'pipeline' so to speak, keep your eyes peeled.

Bye for now.

Elke XX

17 February 2014

Made something for myself

Hi everyone

just popping in to show you a couple of things I have made for myself.  Didnt take long either.  I made this infinity scarf.

I went to my friend Chrissies on Wednesday afternoon and started it there, but unfortunately ran out of wool in the evening with just one row to go, so had to order some more wool to finish it off.  To make it more economical I ordered another 3 balls and then this afternoon I started a pair of fingerless gloves.

These were dead quick to make.  Only took about 45 minutes each.  Didnt think I could do them, but I did manage them in the end.  I unravelled most of the first one as it was a lot bigger than the second one as my tension wasnt quite right.

What do you think??  Best get off to bed now as I am up early in the morning as I have got a couple of cards to make before I have to go to work in the afternoon.

Elke XX

12 January 2014

Another headband

Hi everyone

I bet you are getting tired of my headbands by now, but I have had an order to make this one for my friend Trish.  It took me a little while to make it as I havent been very well but its finally done and here it is.

I think though that I will need to try and make some more little bits to put on them, at the moment I only do butterflies, flowers and bows.  So I need to find some other bits I can use or crochet.  What do you think??

Right best get making dinner.

Speak again soon

Elke XX

5 January 2014

Literally just ...

... finished this for a friend at work.

It has taken some doing as it has taken me slightly out of my comfort zone as I have not really made hats for people.  But to be honest I am really pleased with the result and if she doesnt like it then it will be my new hat.

I better get my skates on as we are popping out to go to Loughborough to go to Dunelm to collect some bedding I have reserved for my little hidey hole by the seaside. I have ordered an extra set so I can make matching curtains for the spare room aswell.  Obviously I will show you the curtains when I have made them aswell as the other bits I will be making to make the spare bedroom look very nautical.

So speak to you later.

Elke XX

4 January 2014

Good morning everyone

Nothing to show you unfortunately as I have been working long hours and got a raging cold which is leaving me feeling rather drained.  I have done a bit of crocheting as a friend at work has asked me to make her a hat.  I has done quite a bit but then unpicked everything again as I didn't like it, so I started again last night.

I will obviously show it to you once it's finished.  But I am off for now as I may just go back to bed to keep warm.

Elke XX

29 December 2013

Something else I made

As you know I did some craft fairs before Christmas and made some pictures to sell.  I didnt sell them but had 6 orders and have taken payment for them already as they will be custom makes.

These were very popular but I hadnt got the colours people wanted, so I now just need to go to Ikea to get more frames.  They were out of stock when my daughter in law went before Christmas but I have checked and they are back in stock so off to Ikea I go on Tuesday when I am off work and after I have met me friend Anne-Marie in Burton at Craft Central.  

I think I will get 10 frames as I have got 3 fairs booked between now and end of February so hopefully I will sell some more.

Elke XX

28 December 2013

One happy 'customer'

Hello everyone

Do you remember me showing you the headbands I made for my grandaughters.  Well they both loved them and to prove that Frankie does, my daughter in law Charlotte sent me this photo so I can show you all.  Its a perfect fit aswell.

What do you think???

Elke XX

26 December 2013

Well it's nearly over

I hope all my Blog friends have had a lovely Christmas and Santa has been kind to you and brought you lots of presents.

I have quite a bit of alcohol, an iPad mini and accessories, Ferrero Rocher, an owl heat pad, some smellies, a cake pop maker, an owl calendar, an owl Pandora charm for my bracelet and this little set from my special friend Chrissie

Isn't it just the cutest little crafting set?  I can't wait to use it.

Right I have got the masses coming in a few hours so best finish off the food and get sorted.

Elke XX

20 December 2013

I am sooooo chuffed

I have just won 'Blog of the Week' over at Crafting from the Heart. This has really made my week as I have been having a bit of a rough time with my knee and my depression and have not kept my blog up to date, but will do my best to make sure I get time on a regular basis to update it.  So here is my award:

Elke XX

17 December 2013

And some more

I have been busy making more headbands.

This one is for my older grandaughter Abby.  I made it in the blue sparkly yarn with the pink edging as we bought her a pink corduroy skirt and a blue and pink squidgy bodywarmer.  I do hope she likes the things I have got her.

The top one of these is the one I have already shown you, I made the bottom one for a friends daughter in Germany as she saw the first one I made and she loved it.  I just need to know if she wants a butterfly or the bow that I have already made on it.  I think they both look just as nice as one another.  Will let you know which one she has chosen.

Right I better get myself sorted and get to bed as I am on a long day at work tomorrow.  I need to try and get some sleep.  Havent been sleeping very well just lately so hopefully one night I will get some decent amount of sleep.

Elke XX